W:/2016ALBUM/ is the eighth studio album by deadmau5 and was released by his label "mau5trap". Some of this song names have very odd names, usually from a demo track he worked on or some story that he told in his Twitter. because of this, he would make a few demo tracks and name it right after his stories and upload the tracks on his web site

Track List Edit

  1. 4Ware - 8:39
  2. 2448 - 6:24
  3. Cat Thruster - 5:36
  4. Deus Ex Machina - 6:31
  5. Glish - 2:10
  6. Imaginary Friends - 7:46
  7. Let Go (Feat. Grabbitz) - 6:20
  8. No Problem - 6:69
  9. Snowcone - 5:15
  10. Three Pound Chicken Wing - 6:22
  11. Whelk Then - 5:39

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