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W:/2016ALBUM/ is the eighth studio album by deadmau5 and was released by his label "mau5trap". Some of this song names have odd names, usually from a demo track he worked on or some story that he told in his Twitter. because of this, he would make a few demo tracks and name it right after his stories and upload the tracks on his web site This Album is soon to be release by December 02 of this year.

Track List Edit

  1. 4Ware - 8:39
  2. 2448 - 6:24
  3. Cat Thruster - 5:36
  4. Deus Ex Machina - 6:31
  5. Glish - 2:10
  6. Imaginary Friends - 7:46
  7. Let Go (Feat. Grabbitz) - 6:20
  8. No Problem - 6:69
  9. Snowcone - 5:15
  10. Three Pound Chicken Wing - 6:22
  11. Whelk Then - 5:39
  12. Let Go (Feat. Grabbitz) [Extended Mix] - 11:31

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