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Joel Zimmerman
deadmau5 sneaking around his set!

Birth name

Joel Thomas Zimmerman


31 yrs. old


January 5th, 1981 - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Currently lives in

Los Angeles, California

Better known by his stage name Deadmau5 (pronounced dead-mouse), Joel Thomas Zimmerman is a house/electronic artist from Toronto, Canada. He often works along side other artists, such as Kaskade, Pendulum, and Skrillex, but also has many solo albums.



  • Get Scraped
  • Vexillology
  • Random Album Title
  • For Lack of a Better Name
  • 4x4=12
  • > Album Title Goes Here <
  • While (1<2)


  • Deadmau5 Circa 1998 - 2002
  • A Little Oblique
  • Full Circle
  • Project 56
  • It Sounds Like
  • 7

Other ReleasesEdit

  • At Play
  • At Play Vol. 2
  • At Play Vol. 3
  • At Play Vol. 4
  • At Play Vol. 5
  • Meowingtons Hax Tour Trax

Personal Life

Kat Von D

Professor MeowingtonsEdit

Miss NyancatEdit


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