Deadrat6 & Sinterklaa5Edit

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Feud with Dirty CircutEdit

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Feud with MadonnaEdit

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Feud With FerrariEdit

Though rather one-sided, Joel found himself in a tight spot when Ferrari sent him a cease and desist letter, ordering for the destruction of Joel's "Purrari" (a ferrari that had been given a special paint job in order to reference internet sensation, The Nyan Cat. As a result, the Purrari was destroyed, only for Joel to receive a replacement vehicle from McLaren Auto, which he has dubbed "The Meowclaren".

Feud With DisneyEdit

Ghosts 'n' Stuff Disney Re-Micks Mickey Mouse and Friends01:31

Ghosts 'n' Stuff Disney Re-Micks Mickey Mouse and Friends

With the apparent similarities between Joel's trademark Mau5head and iconic Disney icon of Mickey Mouse, the Walt Disney filed a request with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to investigate Joel's attempt at trademarking his icon, officially announcing it as of March 2014. Feeling as though the two marks look too identical and may end up confusing people in the long run, Disney officially filed its opposition in September 2014.

Joel's response to the opposition took flight when he posted on Twitter about how Disney apparently believes that people are stupid and naive enough to confuse his symbol with Mickey Mouse, believing the entire act to be Disney's attempt to get in on the market for electronic dance music (EDM). Specifically, Joel drew attention to Disney's recent album of Disney songs that had been remixed by various EDM musicians like Armin van Buuren, Avicii and Kaskade, "Dconstructed" to further his point. As well, in retaliation, Joel pointed out a video Disney had made that was composed of a mash-up of various scenes from old Mickey Mouse cartoons, (Called the "Remicks") specifically involving ghosts and other dark entities while Joel's song, "Ghosts 'N' Stuff" featuring Rob Swire played in the background. In reality, Joel had never authorized the use of his music by Disney, and so Joel stated that Disney isn't above the law and should own up to their own infringement on Copyright Laws regarding the use of "Ghosts 'N' Stuff" Joel would later post pictures of a takedown notice regarding the video that his lawyers had sent to Disney, however in the end Disney claimed to have properly liscened the song and that Joel's statement lacked merit.

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