At Play, Vol. 2 is a compilation album from the progressive house artist deadmau5, following from the success of the first At Play album. The album features ten "DJ friendly" tracks. Released on November 17th, 2009, the album features numerous collaborations including Billy Newton-Davis, Melleefresh and Steve Duda. Not including dirty titles.

>tracklist goes here<

  1. Outta My Life (Touch mix) (with Billy Newton-Davis)
  2. Attention (with Melleefresh)
  3. Mr. G
  4. Reduction
  5. This Is Also The Hook (BSOD)
  6. Orca
  7. Tau V2
  8. Slave (with Melleefresh)
  9. This Noise
  10. R My Dreams (with Billy Newton-Davis)

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