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A Little Oblique
(AO) A Little Oblique
Mau5traxx's Unofficial Album Artwork of A Little Oblique.


April 5, 2006





(Chronology) Last Album:

deadmau5 Circa 1998-2002

(Chronology) This album

A Little Oblique

(Chronology) Next Album:


Record Label


Catalog Number



Progressive House


Alphonse Lanza, Joel Zimmerman, Melleny Brown, Steve Duda.

A Little Oblique is a self-released compilation by deadmau5. It is one of his most obscure albums, as it was finished on his SectionZ page. It includes many songs which were later released on other albums and collaborations with Melleefresh and Steve Duda. The tracks that include Steve Duda's vocals are often confused with fans thinking that deadmau5 is singing and has edited his own voice to make it in tune.

Track listingEdit

  • 01 - Secrets (deadmau5 vs Melleefresh) - 5:54
  • 02 - TL7 - 4:27
  • 03 - Caliox A - 4:21
  • 04 - Full Bloom - 5:50
  • 05 - Beautiful, Rich and H**ny (deadmau5 Remix) (Melleefresh & Dirty 30) - 6:18
  • 06 - Bitter Kitten - 5:57
  • 07 - Digitol - 4:00
  • 08 - Porcelain (BSOD Track - deadmau5 vs Steve Duda) - 5:03
  • 09 - Squid - 1:32
  • 10 - Make Me Make That Sound (deadmau5 vs Melleefresh) - 4:32
  • 11 - B*tch*s (BSOD Track - deadmau5 vs Steve Duda) - 4:23

Singles from A Little ObliqueEdit

  • 1. Full Bloom (Released: 13 October 2006) (PD2006)

Tracks from the At Play seriesEdit

At Play Vol. 3Edit

  • 07 Full Bloom
  • 10 Whispers (Deadmau5 Remix) (Secrets)

Deadmau5 and Melleefresh At Play

  • 08 Sex Slave (Make Me Make That Sound Mix) (Make Me Make That Sound)

Mau5traxx Unofficial Album ArtworkEdit

Mau5traxx on YouTube has created an album artwork for A Little Oblique. It is based of the Get Scraped digital album artwork.

Complete AlbumEdit

Deadmau5 - A Little Oblique (Complete Album) HD - 1080p EQ52:34

Deadmau5 - A Little Oblique (Complete Album) HD - 1080p EQ

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